Pre-compliance Review

In 2015, the Court decided City of Los Angeles v. Patel, which held: "Los Angeles Municipal Code ยง 41.49, which requires hotel operators to record and keep specific information about their guests on the premises for a ninety-day period and to make those records available to 'any officer of the Los Angeles Police Department for inspection' on demand, is facially unconstitutional because it fails to provide the hotel operators with an opportunity for pre-compliance review." Judgment was 5-4. Justice Sotomayor wrote the majority opinion.

This map goes from Patel back to See v. Seattle. This choice of network anchor was based on this quote from Patel: "The Court has held that absent consent, exigent circumstances, or the like, in order for an administrative search to be constitutional, the subject of the search must be afforded an opportunity to obtain precompliance review before a neutral decisionmaker. See See, 387 U.S. at 545."

This network thus features cases that develop the "administrative search" concept in Fourth Amendment jurisprudence. Please note that the embedded map shows the three-degree network using a random projection. Click the map to view other options.