The Fourth Amendment

A Doctrinal Atlas

This Atlas is a collection of maps representing the citation networks underlying various Fourth Amendment doctrines. Most maps were created using recent decisions as a network anchor. All maps include links to opinion text and other metadata. Brought to you by the Supreme Court Mapping Project.

Dissent Maps

Exclusionary Rule Competing Traditions (foundational dialectic 1914-2009)

Deadly Force Mullenix (2015) -> Garner (1985) (seizure of fleeing suspects)

CourtListener Maps

Warrantless Body Searches Birchfield (2016)-> Skinner (1989) (drunk driving stop)

Exclusionary Rule Strieff (2016)-> Brown (1975) (bad arrest, valid warrant)

Pre-compliance Review Patel (2015)-> See (1967) (motel records)

Unreasonable Seizure Rodriguez (2015)-> Terry (1968) (dog sniff traffic stop)

Meaning of Search Grady (2015)-> Camara (1967) (sex offender monitoring)

Reasonable Mistake of Law Heien (2014)-> Brinegar (1949) (traffic stop)

Search Incident to Arrest King (2013)-> Belton (1981) (dna arrestee search)

Expectation of Privacy Jones (2012)-> Katz (1967) (gps attached to car)

Demand for Identification Hiibel (2004)-> Brown (1979) (search and identify statute)

Historic Surveillance Katz (1967)-> Olmstead (1928) (wiretapping)