Robert H. Lande
Venable Professor of Law
University of Baltimore School of Law

U.S. Presentations
Foreign Presentations


American Bar Association webinar- Does Section 5 of the FTC Act Have Limits or Can it Achieve Infinite Expansion? June 2013

American Antitrust Institute national conference, June 21, 2012. Panel on Competition and Liberty: Issues in Modern Media.

Press commentary on the Microsoft antitrust case and other cases. In recent years I have spoken with the press hundreds of times. Some days I talked with more than 20 reporters. I have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Business Week, USA Today, Baltimore Sun, U.S. News & World Report, and by the Associated Press. Also gave dozens of radio interviews (including National Public Radio), several press briefings, and have appeared on television in the United States, England, France, and China.

American Antitrust Institute national conferences. Presentations: June 22,  2004 on buyer power, June 12, 2001 on merger enforcement, and June 15, 2000 on collusion and on consumer choice.

Presentations on Antitrust Damages Reform, D.C. Bar Association, April 2004 and Loyola Consumer Law Center, March 2004.

The Conference Board, annual antitrust program, session on merger efficiencies. New York, March 1, 2001.

Press conference on the BPAmoco/ARCO merger (part of public interest coalition), Feb. 8, 2000.

Press Conference on Stories Related to the 10th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, talk titled "The Exxon/Mobil Merger", February 10, 1999.

"Talk of the Nation," National Public Radio, program on the Exxon/Mobil merger, Dec. 2, 1998 (131 stations).

Press Conference by American Antitrust Institute on important current antitrust cases. Briefed the Press on Coke/Pepsi, Toys-R-Us, and Master Card/Visa cases, Oct. 30, 1998.

Committee on the Judiciary of the U.S. House of Representatives, Oversight Hearing on Merger Enforcement, Nov. 5, 1997.

Association of American Law Schools, Annual Meeting, Antitrust Section panel, "Are We A Cartel: The ABA/DOJ Consent Decree," Jan. 7, 1996.

Federal Trade Commission, Hearings on Global and Innovation-Based Competition. Testimony titled, "Efficiency Considerations in Merger Enforcement," Nov. 14, 1995.

National Association of Attorneys General, Annual State Antitrust Meeting, presented "Predatory and Collusive Option Restriction," Nov. 2, 1995.

ABA Annual Meeting, Antitrust Section Program, "The Role of Antitrust Policy in Shaping the Future of the Information Technology Industry," Aug. 7, 1995.

Brazilian antitrust delegation. Presented insights from U.S. experience relevant to Brazilian competition policy, Nov. 10, 1994.

Post-Chicago Economics Conference, sponsored by the FTC, DOJ Antitrust Division, ABA Antitrust Section and Georgetown U., panel on Systems Competition and Aftermarkets, May 26, 1994.

Judicial Institute of Maryland, continuing legal education program for Judges. Presentations titled "Incorporating 'Law and Economics' into Judicial Decisionmaking," 1994, 1991, and 1989.

Association of American Law Schools, Annual Meeting, Antitrust Section panel on the implications of the Kodak decision, Jan. 7, 1993.

ABA Annual Meeting, Antitrust Section program on the 1992 Merger Guidelines. Aug. 10, 1992.

ABA Regulated Industries Section program on Competition and Regulation, session on the role of antitrust, 1992.

Testimony before Maryland Senate and House Committees, and Governor's Commission on Insurance in Maryland, at hearings on Maryland's antitrust exemption for the insurance industry. 1991, 1990 and 1989.

Public Citizen insurance conference. Presentation titled, "The Insurance Industry's Antitrust Exemption." Feb. 2, 1990.

Hoffberger Foundation Center For Professional Ethics, session on "Ideology In the Classroom." Presented Law & Economics perspective. Nov. 9, 1989.

ABA Annual Meeting, Antitrust Section program on "Challenges to the Chicago School." Presentation titled "Wealth Transfers (Not Just Efficiency) Should Guide Antitrust." Aug. 7, 1989.

National Association of Attorneys General, Antitrust Centennial Symposium. Critiqued paper by F.M. Scherer and presented my own views. May 24, 1989.

Antitrust Policy Institute, Airlie House Conference. Presentation titled "Revitalizing Section 2 of the Sherman Act," March 28, 1987.

American Economic Association, Annual Meeting, presentation titled "Ascertaining Efficiency And Price Effects of Mergers." Dec. 29, 1984.


Belgium - (Consumer) choice : An emerging standard for competition law in Brussels, June 8, 2012

Italy - Conference on Post-Chicago Antitrust at Taormina, Sicily on October 27, 2000.

Japan - Antitrust lecture series at Nihon University Law School, Tokyo, July 1998.

Japan - "Current Antitrust Issues In The United States," International Business Law Institute, Tokyo, July 31, 1998.

Peru - INDECOPI Conference, "International Seminar On Competition Policys", presentation on the relationship between competition and consumer protection law, Lima, May 28, 1998.

Great Britain - Meetings with South African government officials to advise them on competition issues, April 18-19, 1998, London.

Venezuela - Latin American Law & Economics Ass'n Conference, presented "Consumer Sovereignty" paper, Caracas, June 17, 1997.

Peru - INDECOPI Conference, "Competition Policies and the Economic Reform Process in Latin America," two presentations on implications of U.S. antitrust policy, Lima, Aug. 13, 1996.


American Economic Ass'n; Western Economic Ass'n; Southern Economic Ass'n;

Federal Bar Ass'n (many presentations); ABA Antitrust Section (many presentations);

U.S. Dept. of Justice Antitrust Division's Economic Policy Office;

Eleventh National Conference On Critical Legal Studies; Hoover Institution;

New York Law School; St. Mary's Law School;Impact Evaluation Society;

National Ass'n of Attorneys General Annual Meeting on State Antitrust Enforcement;

FTC Bureau of Economics; Antitrust Division of the Office of the Maryland Attorney General;

Georgia State Bar Ass'n; The Conference Board; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius;

Ass'n of American Law Schools; Committee To Support the Antitrust Laws;

Loyola U. of Chicago Law School; Loyola U. Consumer Law Center, George Washington U. Law School;

U. Cincinnati Dept. of Economics, Ohio State U. Dept. of Economics;

Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, Notre Dame Business School, Washington Legal Foundation.