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This site provides installation information for a free-of-charge software package that solves Linear Program models by the Simplex Method and/or the Push-and-Pull Method.

Professor Hossein Arsham   

The software package which is available to download from, consists of three files:

  1. - the source code of the latest version. It has been slightly modified since the previous version.
  2. - SixPap.exe with help and some samples in \Repository dir (program expects to find samples in that directory, if it doesn't exist, it is created when the program is started).
  3. - the setup package.

Notice: This software can be installed on your own personal computer successfully. The steps for installation are as follow:

  1. Opened up the link and save all three files (, and in a zip folder, named say LPSolvers in your C-drive (say, in its Program Files).
  2. Extracted all these files inside the zip folder.
  3. Open the setup.exe and click on ProjectSixPap to install the software.
  4. After installation, software created a folder called ProjectSixPap under the address, C:\Program Files\ LPSolvers\ProjectSixPap.
  5. When you click on the SixPap.exe, the software comes up and ready to run.
  6. Finally, create a short-cut for the software on your Desktop.

NT Installation: You need the user permission from your NT Administrators to change the Windows\System folder. This is the folder containing various dll-s and ocx-es.

About running the SixPap directly: the file comdlg32.ocx should be located in Windows\System folder. You may upload, which among others includes the comdlg32.ocx file, url:

Some more information are at: " target=new>

Basically, the comdlg32.ocx file must exist in Windows\System, and must be re-registered with the operating system.

All system files needed are the VB6 runtime files, and can be downloaded (again a setup package) from MicroSoft official web page:

If there are any security policy issues - that package is digitally signed by MicroSoft.

Note that the VB6 doesn't create special versions of software for NT environment, and should work properly on all MS Windows (32 bit).

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Professor Hossein Arsham   

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