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Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decision Making

This site is a part of the JavaScript E-labs learning tools for decision making.

Each JavaScript in this collection is deigned to assisting you in performing numerical experimentation, for at least a couple of hours as students do in, e.g. Physics labs. These leaning objects are your statistics e-labs. These serve as learning tools for a deeper understanding of the fundamental statistical concepts and techniques, by asking "what-if" questions.

Technical Details and Applications: At the end of each JavaScript you will find a link under " For Technical Details and Applications Back to:".

The following is a classification of the statistical JavaScript by their application areas.

Professor Hossein Arsham   


1. Summarizing Data
2. Computational probability
3. Requirements for most tests & estimations
4. One population & one variable

5. One population & two or more variables
6. Two populations & one variable
7. Several populations & one or more variables

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Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decision Making

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