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The following is a collection of students' recent comments on learning style and the value of the two courses I often teach: OPRE504: Business Statistics, and ECON650: Business Economics and Forecasting. These courses are being offered both in fully online and in face-to-face settings. I am sure you will benefit from students experience and their precious advice for your success upon taking these courses.
Professor Hossein Arsham   


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Fully Online Courses

The following is a collection of students' recent comments on learning style and the value of the online courses I often teach: OPRE504: Business Statistics. I am sure you will benefit from their experience and their precious advice for your success. As you can see, the most frequently mentioned recommendation is to keep up with the work and complete all assignment by a good planning during the week.
  1. Knowing my particular learning style, I was a bit apprehensive when the only workable section of Business Statistics for my schedule was offered on-line. I usually perform best in a traditional class environment. The combination of an on-line class and the challenging nature of the material to be covered contributed to my nervousness. I found however, that it was not as bad as I had imagined. Do not get me wrong, there is a lot of work involved, but with the detailed lecture notes, assigned readings, homework problems, E-labs and computational tools, and most importantly Dr. Arsham’s encouragement you can succeed in this course.

    It was exciting to be able to apply certain concepts learned in the course to an actual work assignment I was doing at the time. The ability to apply one concept in the "real world" encouraged me to look for ways to incorporate the other concepts learned.

  2. Thank you very much Professor Arsham. I can truly say that out of all the statistics class that I have taken I learned the most in this one. In the past it was a matter of just going through the motions, but the way this course was run and the way the supplementary materials were provided above and beyond just reading the book, made things clearer and easier for me to understand. I fee like I "know" statistics. Thank you again.

  3. I felt this was a valuable course and allowed me to get a good grasp of how statistics can be applied in business. The course was well taught and organized and Dr. Arsham was always very responsive, which I find helpful in and online class. The lectures notes are extremely are detailed and help you to comprehend the material. The websites and Elabs also provided additional information that helped me to comprehend the material. Even for those with statistical background, this is an excellent course that teaches you the application of statistics in business.

  4. Dr. Arsham was one of the most professional and understanding instructors I have had at the University of Baltimore. He was very responsive to student's questions and was very fair in the grading process. Although his class was difficult, I believe that he helped students grasp very complex statistical subjects. The work assigned was time-consuming and demanding, but did prepare the student thoroughly for the mid-term and final exams.
    Although I had the option of taking this class at a community college, I took it from Dr. Arsham because I was told that he was one of the best at communicating the concepts. I was not disappointed.

  5. I truly enjoyed this class and really liked the student-professor interaction.
    I get nervous when I take online classes because you just never know. I appreciated your fast responses to all the questions that I asked. It was a pleasure to be in your statistics class this semester.

  6. During the first week of this class, I was overwhelmed by how much work we were required to do. You need to finish the homework in the textbook, which is probably the only required homework for most of other classes, redefine the keywords learned in the week, review some Web sites, and experiment a few E-lab tools. Needless to say, the first week of the class was hectic for me. However, once I settled in the pace of this class, I understood the importance of all these exercises. Although I don't like a professor to keep me too busy, I have to say that I cannot find any better way to teach this class than the way Dr. Arsham is teaching. All those exercises link to each other and help you understand the course contents deeply. You can see how much efforts and thoughts that Dr. Arsham has put into this class. This is one of the most enriched online classes that I have ever taken.

    If you will take this class, my advice to you is plan ahead, organize your time, and stick to your schedule. You will learn more than you can hope for.

  7. I really enjoyed this class. I thought the amount of materials were just right. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in business decision-making. It provides you with tools that enable you to be objective, thoughtful, and a careful in your daily business activities. It requires you to think through the numbers, see beyond the obvious. You might have seen so many business leaders making decision on the fly. They seem so intuitive. Are they really? I thought that each and every businessperson must be required to take this course. It is this simple; the decision made by a businessperson affects not only her but others surrounding her. It is not an important course; it is a critical course.

    How I studied: The web-based class that I took from Dr. Arsham was full of information. He was available for your questions via Forums and email. His Web site and ELABS are just mind-boggling. The amount of information come from Dr. Arsham's Web site is an outstanding resource that you can always fall back on.

    If you just did exactly what specified in the weekly outline, you would be fine. However, this is how I worked on this class. This is strictly my personal choice. I started each week by reading the outline, skimming through the lecture notes and extra reading, reading the textbook assignment. I did these steps in a normal pace. I normally would miss many important points. I just did not want to get bogged down while reading the first time. I just want to get the big picture first. This worked well for me. I then started on my homework, hidden homework in lecture notes. Homework assignment often includes even numbers that does not have answers. I usually did extras including the odd numbers with answers in the back of the text in addition to the actual assignment. This way I would know if did it right. It took extra efforts but I would understand the subject in finer detail. When I'm done with the homework, I would write definitions of new terms I learned this work in my own words. If you could explain it yourself, you would more likely understand the subject. I then review the Web sites, and started using the ELABS. Often time, the ELAB helped to ensure that my homework problems were correct. Finally, I went back and read the outline, the lecture note, the recommended extra readings, and the text. This time, I usually captured all the important points. So, as you can see, there is a lot of work.

    The way I see it is when I make a business decision in the face of uncertainty, I want to minimize my risk and maximize my result. The more I learn today, the less risky moves I will make in the future.

  8. I would like to say how much I learned in this course. It is the 5th course I have taken at UB and so far is the most valuable. I have taken two previous probability and statistics courses before but this is the first one with such a valuable emphasis on practical application. I have always maintained that college gives you a good background, but you need business experience to learn the practical side. The same cannot be said for this class. You should be proud of your work and teaching.

  9. This Business Statistics class was informative and actually did quite well in providing a general background in statistical methods. It had a perfect mix of information for required learning, combined with plenty of deeper incite and examples so that a very interested student could spend as much time and learn as much more as he felt inclined. All in all a good experience and a must for any business oriented professional. The information learned allows us to understand what a professional statistician might do, should we want to hire one, and to be able to ask the right questions to verify the usefulness of his/her results.

  10. I was worried whether I should take an online course or not, especially Statistics, because I really didn't know if it was going to be as informative and as effective as a classical course, but at the end of the course I found out that it was much better. In my opinion, flexible hours are the key to the success of a web course. I encourage everyone to take a web course at least once in his or her academic study periods.

    I really learned a lot from Prof. Arsham. He is one of the best in his field. He really helps a lot if you have a problem with an assignment or in trouble trying to finish it on time. The assignments first may seem a little bit long, but as time passes you get used to the subject and finish them quicker. Also if you are stuck with some of the questions, there is always someone from the class to ask in the Discussions section. I really enjoyed this course and I recommend it to everyone.

  11. I was to start off by saying that the online course content was perfect - well prepared and easy to follow. The computational tools that are available online is an effective learning tool that helped me understand the concepts better.
    Dr. Arsham is a very effective teacher. Without his interest and enthusiasm I would not have increased my knowledge of the subject to the level I am at now. His choice of homework problems was simple, but good enough to understand the concepts from an MBA standpoint.
    Dr. Arsham created a stimulating atmosphere, explained assignments clearly, reviewed assignments in a timely manner and encouraged us to share our work with other students, thereby creating an environment to learn form each other’s mistakes.
    Most importantly, Dr. Arsham graded and returned assignments in a timely manner. This helped me a lot because I was able to see my progress on a weekly basis. The textbook was also easy to follow, and applying the concepts to solve some of the business problems made the course much more interesting.
    I do not personally know other Statistics Professors at the University of Baltimore, but I don't think one can expect anything more than what Dr. Arsham has to offer.

  12. I must say that the past several weeks have been extremely valuable to me. I have learned many new techniques and the real world applications of these statistical tools. I hold this course as one of the most informative of all the MBA training. You must be commended for the excellent preparation and thorough explanations of the concepts. The course was most enjoyable. It was a pleasure to have you as an instructor again. Thank you for everything.

  13. I have taken a mathematical statistics course before so I did not expect to learn a lot from this course. Was I wrong? Granted, most of the theoretical aspects covered in the course were not new to me, although a couple of concepts not covered adequately in my prior course were cleared up in this one.
    What I learnt was the practical aspects of statistics - how to apply the theory in practical, real-life situations, when to do what and when not to do what. This is exactly what the course is supposed to be and why the course would be extremely useful for anybody engaged in business, or even in every day life.
    The assignments were not difficult but accurately tested the student's understanding of the course materials. One must learn and understand the materials in order to successfully complete the assignments so honest effort must be put in consistently during every week.
    Dr. Arsham was responsive to the forum postings and provided prompt response to my emails, assignments, and the "few minutes papers". The web site reviews and the e-labs exercises provided additional learning venues and insight to the materials. The lecture notes from the Statistical Thinking for Decision-Making has lots of additional materials, especially on the theoretical side. It can be difficult reading but adds to the course for those theoretically inclined like me.

  14. Professor Arsham is a great instructor. He was very responsive to any question I had and always made sure that everything was clear. He is a "true" teacher as he was at the same time encouraging, positive, and visibly cared about my progress. In addition, he was also eager to learn from the students and always welcomed feedback. I dared to several suggestions and I was amazed at how quick professor Arsham was to respond and sometimes apply them. I truly enjoyed taking this class.

  15. This class definitely provides you with a tool set to help make better-informed decisions under uncertainty using statistical thinking process. The class notes that Dr. Arsham provides are superior to any other class notes I have ever seen. These lecture notes will be your best friends when it comes time for exams and homework. This is a class in which you must keep up to date on the course material or you will fall behind. The material presented is a very reasonable amount, yet it will challenge you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Arsham. He will reply very quickly and help you the best he can.

  16. The first thing I would recommend to anybody taking this class is to keep up with the homework. You can easily submit each week's assignments in parts. Dr. Arsham is very prompt when answering emails which helps if anybody has a question while completing an assignment. In addition, Dr. Arsham has the rare quality of being encouraging and caring about his students' learning. I never felt intimidated about asking a question or afraid that admitting that I did not understand something would affect my grade negatively. As a result I probably worked twice as hard for this class. Although the book is very good, Dr. Arsham's lecture notes are a must. They are very clear and full of useful examples. The syllabus and assignments are very well set up for the web format. I want to thank Dr. Arsham for a great class, he made it very enjoyable and I learned a lot.

  17. I cannot say enough well about the instructor. He was supportive, responsive, caring, and nurturing. I feared this course, yet he consistently encouraged me to overcome my fear. He was instantly responsive to my every question and concern. The text and reading materials provided good support for the required work. He was fabulous!

  18. As I reflect on my experience a few important points come to mind. The first is the importance of Dr. Arsham's lecture notes in this class. I often found myself not understanding the material after my first read of the textbook. The lecture notes often provided me with clarification. For those students, like myself, with limited previous exposure to advanced mathematics will benefit from the tutorial offered in the first week of the course. I also gained a greater understanding of the material when I reviewed the solution examples that the professor posted after handing in the weekly assignments. The last and most important thought that comes to mind is that Professor Arsham is very helpful and always returns his Emails promptly with information attached. He was a partner in my relative success in his course. I would suggest that future students in this course not hesitate in utilizing Professor Arsham as a valuable resource. A very good man.

  19. Thanks for a great learning semester. For future students I suggest that they work hard and start each week immediately. The course material is not to simply read and remember variety. Rather it is something you must read, experience and test yourself on. Personally I found it helpful to begin trying to practice the techniques in my actual work environment - by applying to subject matter you understand the concepts and applications become clear. The textbook is OK but the real core of the course is the professor, lecture notes and exercises. The goal is not the answer to the questions but the method.
    I appreciated all your help this term and hope to have another of your courses before I graduate. I certainly have much more to learn in this field and look forward to doing so.

  20. Thank you very much for your efforts throughout this semester. Your quick responses to mine and the rest of the students’ concerns were very reassuring for me during this course. I travel a lot for work, and this was a very valuable option for me. It was comforting to know that the teacher would maintain a very good line of communication with the students despite the distance from the actual physical campus. Thank you.
    Our course, the course material is being used by other universities all over the world, professionally, as an aspiring Scientist, this is a reassurance that the University of Baltimore MBA program is of international caliber and offers the student a broad range of classes and programs including a top notch program.

  21. Dr. Arsham was very responsive to my e-mails. He responded quickly and consistently offered his assistance. I appreciated guidance and assistance with several of the areas I was having difficulty with. I have increased my knowledge greatly, which is in part due to Dr. Arsham's teaching style. It was evident that he was committed to ensuring students increased their knowledge base in the area of decision-making. I feel that I have been fortunate to have him as a professor/mentor. Some assignments were intense for me at times but I knew that Dr. Arsham was available to provide the direction I needed. I hope there will be other classes he teaches that I will be able to take. Thank you, Dr. Arsham!

  22. I feel that I have a very good understanding of your course and plan to use what I have learned for years to come. It was truly one of my favorites. As far as exams feedback goes, I thought the exams were very fair and there were no surprises. It was very generous of you to allow us to choose our questions to equal 100 points. All of the questions were either based on material covered in the lecture notes and homework assignments or in the reading from the text. And, as you said, the exams were a mix of theory and applications. Thanks for the great course.

  23. I have enjoyed the class. Your prompt response and willingness to work with us has made this a very beneficial experience. I was not sure how this would work being that seeing someone does the problems usually helps in the understanding. The book was easy to follow and very understandable. Your prompt and helpful assistance made this a good experience.

    Thanks again. I hope more classes are offered this way. I feel I got more attention and learned more.

  24. I have enjoyed this class very much. You have done a fantastic job at coordinating this web class. I have learned a great deal in this class. "Thank you" is not sufficient to express your contribution to my ongoing business education.

    I was very impressed at the number of sites, which have Dr. Arsham's lecture notes as the top site. It is the web site with the best information on the topic.

  25. The Business Statistics that we have learned in this course is essential for organizational and societal decision-making. This is a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed also reviewing the web sites ever week. It is nice to know that this course is identical to its Ivy League counterparts. Thank you for including the statistics analysis and its comprehensive coverage, this certainly is useful to many areas of MBA program.

  26. Business Statistics is really the science of decision-making under uncertainty. I enjoyed this class because I not only learned how to make mathematical models to use for decision making in a job related environment. I also learn how to make good decisions in every day life. Professor Arsham gave his students every opportunity to success in his class. He was willing to answer questions, even on the day of the exam before it started. My job requires me to work out of town at times and Professor Arsham was more than willing to accommodate due dates for homework to work with my schedule. Because of this I was able to excel in his class and hope that in the future I have professors that are just as knowledge about the subject they teach and are as willing to help me succeed. I believe Professor Arsham made a good decision to become a professor and share his knowledge and enjoyment for Business Statistics.

  27. Business Statistics, by definition, is the scientific approach to decision making under uncertainty. However, in this course, you will not only learn about decision-making (and its scientific approaches), but by the semester's end, you will be able to think as a scientist! The course itself is structured so that you are able to develop proficient skills at decision-making, and then test your skills through use of computer-assisted learning. The textbook guides you through the process, and will introduce you to computer package. You will also be exposed to a variety of outside sources, available at your fingertips, through the wonders of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Lastly, you will have Dr. Arsham' lecture notes, that will guide you through this learning process with his wisdom and knowledge. And, to answer the question you are dying to ask: the mid-term and final are extremely fair in nature. Personally, I enjoyed this class, and I learned in this course.

  28. I really enjoyed this course. I feel that I have learned real world applications of Business Statistics. I enjoyed reviewing different Web sites on the topic, because it gave me a chance to learn different applications of Business Statistics. Dr. Arsham was an excellent professor. He provided very good lecture notes and always gave very helpful feedback. His responses were always very prompt and informative. I highly recommend taking this course with Dr. Arsham.

  29. I would also like to say that this course has been a great experience. It seems strange to not have met you, however, perhaps we will meet someday soon. You have truly been an encouragement and inspiration. It has been great to have such quick response to questions and postings.

    I felt that the exams were good representations of what we have learned. They were very fair as well. I thought they had a nice mix and formulating problems as well as application. I personally used the two hours limit right to the minute, however, so I felt a bit stressed during the exams. I like the way members of the class contribute sample questions. It helped a lot in studying for the exams. Thanks for a great class!!

  30. I would like to add my "thanks" to those of the other students. I am pleased to report a very positive learning experience for my first (and not to be the last) Web course. You are to be commended for the time and effort you put forth to develop the on-line course and to maintain contact with the students.

  31. I believe the learning experience is based on what the student puts into the class. No matter where or how you take it, if you give it all your effort and utilize the resources available, you will do well.
    One thing that is weird for me about this class is that I feel like I have developed a better relationship with Prof. Arsham than any other professor so far in the MBA program. Even though I have not seen him or talked to him in person, I feel like I get more individualized attention based on the email responses. Thank you for a very educational semester.

  32. I certainly agree that we are getting more individualized attention. I do feel freer to ask questions. As compared to the other web class that I am taking I feel that this class has offered me so much more as in the way of flexibility, attention from the professor, quicker responses on e-mails and a better understanding of the course material. As a full-time federal employee, I value the ability to "attend" Prof. Arsham's class when it best suits me, within the weekly constraints of his program of course.

  33. I agree on the value of distance-and Web-based learning. Especially the notion that I have gotten to know Prof. Arsham almost better than if we had an in-person class. There is certainly the objective aspect of one-on-one emails, which requires both parties to be proactive.
    Thanks for a great learning experience. I enjoyed the class thoroughly and look forward to applying my new skills.

  34. I really enjoyed this class in the Web based format. I had a very busy spring as I took two classes, started a business, and had a baby, all during the last 4 months. The flexibility of the course made it possible for me to get the work done. Thanks for your quick responses all semester long.
    Professor Dr. Arsham was wonderful. I have had him for other class and he is excellent on the web class too. A definite recommendation for him in this class! Assignment is worthwhile & valuable.

  35. I believe that web students are able to receive more individual attention from the professor than they would in the classroom setting. This, in turn, allows me to understand the material as I receive personalized comments and specific feedback from the professor. I have enjoyed your class and I have learned a lot.
    Arsham was always available for consultation & made the "Web-based" class more enjoyable. He was very helpful and willing to put forth the time to make the web program work, his close rapport with students was positive and goal oriented.

  36. Prof. Arsham was engaging and thought provoking, and responsive to his Web-based Students. I would readily take another course with him. Readings Web site material was appropriates, relevant and useful. Other assignments were concentrated on relevant topics.

  37. I found the course to be one of the most interesting and valuable in my MBA training. The useful tools and guidelines for decision making offer managers the resources that are needed to assist with important strategies and planning for a firm. The tangible analysis that assigns measurable values to decision alternatives is critically important to assess the correct course of action. One can easily find real world applications for this vital teaching.

  38. This was the second course I have had with Dr. Arsham. I must admit that I was delighted with his teaching methods, inspiration, dedication, and enthusiasm. The use of the www, software package, text problems, and readings was quite appropriate and thought provoking. Dr. Arsham's dedication to the educational process is clearly seen throughout this program. His willingness to work with his students is beyond compare. It is no small wonder he is a "Distinguished Research Professor of Statistics and Decision Science." I highly recommend Dr. Arsham and wish all those that follow, best wishes.

  39. Business Statistics and Dr. Arsham, one could not have asked for a better combination. As a student, I really appreciate when I take good classes that have good professors. However, when I took Business Statistics, I got a great class and a great professor. Dr. Arsham really transforms Business Statistics into the "Joy of Statistics." Before taking this class, I was oblivious to the important role that Business Statistics plays in the many aspects of our daily living. I have been enlightened in a way that I never thought was possible, and I will treasure the knowledge that I have gained throughout my career and throughout my life. Thanks to Dr. Arsham, I am a Management Scientist.

  40. Professor Arsham definitely knows his stuff. However, this alone does not a good teacher makes! Two other things made this course notable for me. First, Professor Arsham has taken a fairly complex subject and taught it in a meaningful and understandable way. Second, Professor Arsham has a passion for helping a student along this learning process. He challenged us as students but provided careful guidance along the way. Although not an expert, I have the understanding that I need to be a more effective decision-maker in the business world.

  41. Having recently completed this class I'd like to pass along some feedback. Overall I felt the course was very valuable. Understanding Business Statistics and the tools that can help bring better solutions to complex decisions is a skill I will use in both my business and personal life. The class draws upon many different learning techniques. Each week you have readings from the text, professor Arsham's lecture notes, and many supporting web sites. Problems from the text reinforce the concepts each week and the use of computer package to solve problems allows hands on learning of the tool. The class is structured so that each week you are reinforcing what was learned in previous weeks as well as learning new concepts and tools. In addition to my understanding of Business Statistics I have the knowledge of many web sites, which I can continue to browse and use as a reference in the future.
    Thanks Prof. Arsham for another valuable class.

    The following is a part of a formal letter sent to the University President:

  42. .....I would like to take this opportunity to express my praise for one professor in particular. Dr. Hossein Arsham, is undoubtedly one of the University of Baltimore's most valued assets. As a student in his class, conducted entirely over the Web, I was not only impressed with his expert knowledge on the subject matter, but also by his profound style of teaching. There was never a time during the semester when Dr. Arsham allowed a student's question to linger unanswered or concern to remain unnoticed. Dr. Arsham is not only able to effectively communicate with his students, but is able to reach them to the degree that they understand and appreciate the course and the subject. This is a skill held only by academia's best, a group that unquestionably includes Dr. Arsham. University of Baltimore have introduced me to professors I would consider not only the best in their respective fields, but also in the art of teaching. Dr. Arsham is most definitely among the top of this distinguished group.

Face-to-Face Courses

The following is a collection of comments on the value of the course from last few semesters' students. I am sure you will benefit from their experience and their precious advice for your success. As you can see, the most frequently mentioned recommendation is to keep up with the work and complete all assignment by a good planning during the week prior to coming to class.

  1. As an engineer pursuing my MBA, I found Dr. Arsham's course on Business Statistics to be the most useful course I've taken to date at UB in Bridging the gap between the technical world and that of the managerial. Dr. Arsham is able to bring numbers and statistics alive and give them meaning. As An instructor he is both disciplined and understanding of student needs.
    While he is uncompromising in his method of teaching and rigorous in his treatment of the material, he is also most forgiving as I grew as a student under his tutelage.
    In past courses I have never had difficulties with mathematics such as calculus or differential equations, but statistics and probability courses have always vexed me. For the first time in my life, Dr. Arsham has enabled me to grasp the elusive meaning and mechanics of statistical analysis. Indeed, I've even purchased and began reading one of the books from his "recommended reading list" in order to continue my growth in this subject area. At this point I can honestly say that a well-founded knowledge of basic statistics may be the most important class a business student should consider taking. I HIGHLY recommend his course to any serious student who really wants to know how to analyze and understand statistics.

  2. Business Economics and Forecasting is one of those courses that have prepared me FAR beyond mere academics. Being able to make the right decisions "within" our respective professions and "throughout" our personal life is the key ingredient to success. From day one, Professor Arsham emphasized this - through hands-on illustrations and open discussions. The relentless attempt by Dr. Arsham to associate Business Economics and Forecasting to real life decision-making helped me appreciate this course further more. In addition to Professor Arsham's vast knowledge and expertise in the field of Business Decision Making, the Web site hosted by Dr. Arsham, is a further blessing. Students taking this course will consider Dr. Arsham's Web site a gold mine in terms of its constructive format and instructive contents. I would encourage students to rely heavily on the course textbook (especially the first three chapters), which I found enormously accommodating and easy to absorb. The external Web site reviews is another source of first-rate information. I commend Dr. Arsham for including this in the course syllabus.

  3. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting ECON650 course has been an incredible course, with its implications reaching far out into the realm of business decisions as well as day-to-day life decisions. Dr. Arsham, in a professional, very friendly manner, shows the student how to embark on the journey to the joy of Business Economics and Forecasting, the road to better decisions. Dr. Arsham has called this course "success science", and after completing this course I can definitely refer to this course as well by such a name. In life we "goal seek", and that is the name of the game in this subject: we must maximize profits, and minimize costs subject to whichever constraints and obstacles we may face.

    There is much to gain from this course, given the expert methodology from the world of Business Economics and Forecasting and business as well as daily life wisdom. All of this is available from Dr. Arsham and his decades of experience. You will enjoy what you will learn, and you will find this class to be extremely important for your careers.

  4. OPRE 504 is a well-rounded class with opportunities to learn from the Web sites the lectures, book and lecture notes. The lectures were particularly helpful as Dr. Arsham spoke a lot about the concepts that are important, why they are important, and what they mean. Dr. Arsham also takes the time to review the highlights throughout the course, as well. It was helpful to have this conceptual information to see how the pieces fit together. The course information Web site was very useful- to check your homework, to use E-labs to complete assignments, for reading about special topics, and to use practice questions and practice exams. The web site reviews were fun too, who knew there was so much information available about statistics? Some of them were really fun with neat graphics.

  5. I had a great opportunity learning about Business Statistics for decision-making subject with this course. Before taking course I have little knowledge about statistics which most of them I could not even remember. I love studying with the numbers and the course was based on the numbers. That is another subject I like about the course. The exams' style makes students not to memorize, instead make them to understand and learn. In my personal view understanding and learning are much better than memorizing. Because memorizing is short-term whereas understanding is long term, to tell the truth about the course web site although it is complicated it gives all the information that I need. I did not even buy the book, but study lecture notes and course notes on the web. So that it was very helpful for me. Also I learned several useful web sites because of the links in the course web site.

  6. Given the often-complex subject matter, which for those who are unable to analyze and interpret statistical methods and concepts, Professor Arsham did an admirable job of motivating me to succeed. He took the time to excite the class into believing that business statistics, in its purest form, can be used in most everyday activities. After taking this class with Professor Arsham, I feel better prepared to utilize what he taught me in other classes in my pursued of my MBA. Thank you Professor Arsham.

  7. ECON650 course was both enjoyable and a valuable learning experience. The text, lectures, and assignments all contributed to my learning. But I think the most important things I learned during this course were from the professor. Listening to the lectures helped me view decision-making and life in general differently. Professor Arsham taught me the importance of critical thinking as well as important life philosophies. Overall, this course was very meaningful for my development both professionally and personally. It is important to keep up with the assignments and reading, but very worthwhile too!

  8. As an engineer pursuing my MBA, I found Dr. Arsham's course on Business Statistics to be the most useful course I've taken to date at UB in bridging the gap between the technical world and that of the managerial. Dr. Arsham is able to bring numbers and statistics alive and give them meaning. As an instructor he is both disciplined and understanding of student needs. While he is uncompromising in his method of teaching and rigorous in his treatment of the material, he is also most forgiving as I grew as a student under his tutelage. In past courses I have never had difficulties with mathematics such as calculus or differential equations, but statistics and probability courses have always vexed me. For the first time in my life, Dr. Arsham has enabled me to grasp the elusive meaning and mechanics of statistical analysis. Indeed, I've even purchased and began reading one of the books from his "recommended reading list" in order to continue my growth in this subject area. At this point I can honestly say that a well-founded knowledge of basic statistics may be the most important class a business student should consider taking. I HIGHLY recommend his course to any serious student who really wants to know how to analyze and understand statistics.

  9. I believe the thinking process was the greatest aspect of this course. You showed/taught us not to assume things and to think beyond what we had previously learned. An example of this is "any number divided by itself is one". There are other examples, but I won't list them here. You are a very passionate teacher who genuinely cares about the future of your students. You always tried to give the credit to the students and lift up the spirits and morale of the students. Very few teachers express the level of understanding and caring that you expressed during the class. Thank you for an excellent educational experience. I will remember the statistical thinking aspects of this class in large part to your successful teaching style.

  10. As far as my experience in this class, well all I can say to future students is to keep an open mind for this course. Professor Arsham expects you to do well and lays the foundation for you to do so but you must pay attention. Look at the big picture, as it will help you figure out the little details. I was very intimidated when this class started but left with much confidence in my ability to make better decisions.

  11. Saturday classes are not something to look forward to, in general. However, Professor Arsham's enthusiasm for the subject and respect for his students made the four-hour class go by quickly and I left with a feeling of accomplishment as his thorough explanations sunk in. The textbook was more helpful and complementary for the second half of the course (the probabilistic models) as the material seemed more straightforward but this is probably debatable. Exams are fair and Dr. Arsham makes every effort to help students succeed in this relevant and practical subject. My advice: go to class, do your assignments show an interest and success will be attainable.

  12. Dr. Arsham's course is the most thought provoking, enjoyable and valuable that I've experienced in the MBA program at UB. As espoused by an engaging professor whose enthusiasm for teaching and his students is palpable, the principles of Business Economics and Forecasting are applicable to nearly any discipline. One would be well advised to look for opportunities for practicing them as a means of making better decisions on the job or in personal matters. Free of the need to memorize formulae and the protocol for applying them, one learns not only the fundamentals of Business Economics and Forecasting but also how to learn more in this important emerging field. Assignments are time-consuming but not especially difficult. Timely completion will help to prepare one for exams, which are fair and as such favor those students who regularly attend lecture.

  13. I just wanted to thank you, on a few levels. Firstly, I really enjoy your lectures, mainly because I (as well as most any student you ever taught) can see, how much you love transferring knowledge to you students and important the knowledge that has is to you. Whether you are clearly explaining another concept of Business Economics and Forecasting so that all minds can grasp, or instilling in us a philosophy that you believe whole heatedly will improve the quality of our lives or at least of our thinking. I would also like to thank you for all you efforts in going over all the homework we hand in, I know this a huge endeavor as you leave every session with a six-or more-inch-thick pile of homework. As it is understood that the job of the student is to do homework for their own education and it is the job of the teacher/professor to grade and analyze their homework. I must say that you spend more time on every detail of our work than most professors do. On that note I want to thank you for your kinds words of encouragement at the end of a set of work, where you not only praise the efforts, but you actually make me (the student) feel that you are sincerely proud of the efforts put in. Thank you again, and I must say that I feel very fortunate to be in your class this semester.

  14. When I first started this class, I wasn't sure what to expect. After I browsed through the first couple of chapters in the text, it lead me to believe that this was going to be another typical course full of formulas and diagrams to memorize - but I was wrong. While it is true that there are formulas and theories to learn, I found it much easier to learn from Dr. Arsham's lectures and his website for this course. Although the text presented the same ideas, the lectures were far more interesting, and the website showed how to solve the problems more systematically, and provided more of a "how-to" method, versus the text serving mainly as an overview of the topics. Because the lectures were designed around real-world applications, it was much easier to see how the subject matter was applicable to all areas of life, not just business.

  15. Dr. Arsham uses a very engaging style of lecture that aids in making the concepts applicable in real life situations. The textbook was an effective supplement, as it answered most of what I did not initially understand in class. Testing methods are very fair and very effective, as they prove to be a valid measure of how much one has truly learned. If you'll open your mind to the approaches suggested in this class, they will change the way you look at everything. "When there is a way, there is a will".

  16. Reading materials are challenging, and exciting. Class sessions are never boring. While doing my weekly Web site reviews, I noticed that other university all over the world is using our course Web sites. Professionally, as an aspiring Management Scientist, this is a reassurance that the University of Baltimore MBA program is of international caliber and offers the student a broad range of classes and programs including a top notch Business Economics and Forecasting program.

  17. Dr. Arsham assigns many homework assignments, but they really do assist the learning process. I really learned a lot of valuable information from the website reviews. Dr. Arsham is very enthusiastic and enjoyable in the class. He returns e-mails his students send to him with/questions very timely. His web board is very helpful allowing his students to communicate with each other.

  18. Dr. Arsham's website was more valuable than the textbook. Dr. Arsham is very knowledgeable and he makes the subject matter and class very interesting. He is thought provoking and practical. I enjoyed his style of teaching. I do not think the website review were very valuable other than for informational purposes.

  19. Reading material from the textbook use current and familiar examples relevant to business students, answers to some problems were helpful. Use of designs and tables was good. Need to be proofread more carefully. Assignments were clear and relevant; allowed you to get through understanding of subject matter. Use of website was good. Dr. Arsham lectures are conversational in tone, which was enjoyable, and provides good use of examples.

  20. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting is an interesting course that relates to all disciplines and all aspects of life. The key is to be able to quantify whatever data or information you have and use mathematics (or technology) to help in decision-making. To prepare for the course, review basic algebra and statistics. Follow Dr. Arsham's suggestion to read the introduction to each chapter as these will help to broaden your thinking on what Business Economics and Forecasting is. The websites he assigns for reading will also enlighten you, especially when you realize how passionate people are about the subject. I suggest getting familiar with QSB right from the start and using it to check your answers and to do many "what-ifs"; this will increase your understanding tremendously. Overall, have fun with AMS, and try to apply it to everyday situations. It works!

  21. Reading materials was in accordance to course lecture. I understood all the topics covered because of good teaching. Professor Arsham was helpful, and insightful. I want to thank him for his disposition towards his students.

  22. The text was, for the most part, clear and easy to follow. Dr. Arsham explained class topics in a good manner and used good examples that were easy to understand he is also very enjoyable. Assignments pertained to class work. The subject matter of this course is very interesting. Assignments are helpful in grouping subject matter. Dr. Arsham was available at all times to help.

  23. I thank you again for a wonderful semester. I learned a lot. I've also learned how to learn and I have a lot to learn! As Dr. Arsham once said "In the world of the future, the new illiterate will be the person who has not learned how to learn."

  24. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort that you put on me in two of the courses that I took with you (Business Statistics and Applied Business Economics and Forecasting). And I must say that those two were the most interesting classes I have taken at UB.

  25. make better decisions as future managers, you need to take the applied Business Economics and Forecasting course. Dr. Arsham would break this course topics down for you smoothly. At the end of the class, trust me you will not regret your decision of coming to his class. Neither will you forget your professor's sense of humor. Dr. Arsham, once again, thanks you very much and I hope to have you as a mentor again.

  26. I must say I had a great time. This was the best class I have had thus far at UB. I really enjoyed your class. Preparation for your tests is very important and just preparing your own Summary-Sheets helps to reinforce the concepts in your mind.

  27. I really enjoyed your passion for teaching. I have to admit in other classes that I may have taken in the past, an 8:15PM course is usually long and tiring. Your class was always fresh and filled with energy. It felt like my day did not start until 8:15PM since that was the highlight of the day.

  28. Dr. Arsham is a great instructor. He made the class very interesting! The homework assignments are very helpful in learning. The instructor is excellent—very good at helping people understand. Also very available.

  29. It was a pleasure having Professor Arsham as an instructor for the past two semesters. I have learned much about business statistics and decision making, which I am putting to good use on the job and in my personal life. You have been the best, and most influential professor I have had to this point in the UB MBA program. Thank you for your genuine love of the subject, which is infectious to your students, and for your equally genuine desire to see your students succeed.

  30. The textbook is sometimes hard to understand. QSB package is very interesting and friendly. Professor Arsham is very stimulating and fun to be with. Assignments were useful, valuable cause he (the instructor) made sure we learned. He is great.

  31. I really respect Prof. Arsham's knowledge and his willingness to share that knowledge. Reading’s materials from the textbook are good use of examples. Many areas and problems are incorrect because it is a new edition. The homework assignments are challenging— I was glad that solutions made available on the web board for reference. Instructor is very interesting. He made me think.

  32. I found the course also to be one of the very best I have taken. Not only was the information was well presented, it is applicable to many facets of my current position; I suppose that is what made my success in this course. The course work and tests were not too difficult nor were they giveaways. The real final for this course will be how well I am able to apply the concepts presented to my career and everyday life.

  33. Beside good technical lectures, Dr. Arsham is enjoyable with all of the interesting his sayings that he uses in class. During the class, I would often write down some of the things he has said that I considered to be very wise. My favorite was: "Understanding is the joy in life. When you don't understand, you simply end up hating it."
    Dr. Arsham also had a share of funny comments, such as: " The product of a chicken is an egg. The product of man is thought. Do not scramble these two, my friend." Dr. Arsham, please continue using them in your classes. They have the effect of making class very thoughtful and relaxing. Thank you for a great class. Here is paragraph describing my thoughts on the course:

    Applied Business Economics and Forecasting requires more effort than most of the ECON650 graduate courses that the University of Baltimore offers. The main goal of the class is to teach students how to think. The class uses a variety of methods to accomplish this including homework, web board discussions, class participation, and research on a focused area or application of Business Economics and Forecasting. This course does not allow you to simply come to class, take notes, and cram for an exam. In fact, students should make an effort to avoid this type of mentality. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting does provide your money's worth. If you consistently apply yourself to the material discussed in the class, you will leave it as a more enlightened person.

  34. I just wanted to say that Dr. Arsham is an inspiration for me in the field of education. He is everything that I always thought a teacher should be. I will use the methods I learned for the rest of my life I believe. Thanks for a great semester.

  35. Dr. Arsham is very attentive to students' learning the material. He is very dedicated and caring; willing to work one on one. He is a true asset to U.B. The homework assignments are very helpful, they are mostly real-world applications; website was extremely useful and clear.

  36. My assessment of Business Economics and Forecasting ECON650 with Dr. Arsham is that the class provides a good, well-balanced understanding of decision-making skills through an integrated approach. Class lecture and discussion, excellent Web site resources, including Dr. Arsham's Web site containing class notes and in-depth discussions on OR/MS/DS topics, combined with learning to use QSB software to solve linear programming and decision problems, all contributed to the learning experience. Doing the homework for the class is critical to learning and understanding the concepts, so don't neglect that. Also, I recommend that you use the Internet resources, to which Dr. Arsham directs you, to help you better understand any of the topics that you're having any difficulty grasping - there's a wealth of knowledge and help available. Recognizing the relevance of the subject matter, and the powerful decision-making tools it provided for me to use not only on the job, but in everyday life, combined with Dr. Arsham's pragmatic and fun approach to learning, I found this class to be one of my favorites!

  37. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting (ECON650) Course is probably the most beneficial course that someone could take other than the courses in the field under which he or she is majoring. As a finance major, I found this course highly beneficial. This course, overall, is about decision making.

    Life itself is all about decision-making, isn't it? In this course, one learns how to make good decisions. The contents of this course i.e., linear programming, transportation problems, networking, decision tree, and so on are, in fact, giving us an idea about how to make good decisions in other fields. We can use those models in our new challenges. More importantly, one learns that no matter how complex the problem is, the methodology to be followed remains to be same in most cases. While talking about the course, I would like to point out that the students who will take the ECON650 course at the University of Baltimore are so lucky to have an instructor like Dr. Arsham. He supports his excellency in teaching with his life experiences, which contributes to our knowledge and experience a lot. I never forget this sentence 'think before you act, many people do vice versa', which was said by Dr. Arsham in one of our class sessions. Dr. Arsham also encourages students to exchange ideas both in class and on the web. He has a superb web site in which one can find all of his lecture notes, past exams, and links to other sites about Business Decision Making and Business Economics and Forecasting. Dr. Arsham periodically wanted us to review those web sites and write our comments about them. Students also have the flexibility to choose any topic that they are interested in (as long as it is related to Business Economics and Forecasting) when they write their term paper.

    Summing up, I definitely recommend the new students to take this course and guarantee that they'll learn a lot while enjoying. As Dr. Arsham calls it "THE JOY OF BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND FORECASTING"! Good luck to you all!"

  38. Dear future students,
    This class will indeed change the way you think. Your professor is amazing and you are very lucky to have him. You will learn about both Business Economics and Forecasting and life from him. Some simple tips:
    1. Attend class (the subject matter is a little difficult but if you attend class it is much easier to learn than if you try to teach it to yourself).
    2. Read to lecture notes on the web! This will explain everything you will need to know. Reading the book was not necessary but attending class and reading the lecture notes are key.
    3. KEEP UP WITH ASSIGNMENTS!! Many of my classmates fell behind in their homework. I found that by getting my homework done on time and turning it in made this class much easier as I did not have to do a semester's worth of homework in one week. Besides, it really does help in the understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Arsham does not assign these problems just to give you busy work. They really do help you learn.
    4. Most importantly, DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY THE SUBJECT MATTER. Dr. Arsham is one of the best teachers and if you pay attention and keep up it will be relatively easy and painless. Just think of all of us who went before you.
    We are no smarter than you. You can do it and you will enjoy this class.

  39. Business Economics and Forecasting and Dr. Arsham, one could not have asked for a better combination. As a student, I really appreciate when I take good classes that have good professors. However, when I took Applied Business Economics and Forecasting, I got a great class and a great professor. Dr. Arsham really transforms Applied Business Economics and Forecasting into the "Joy of Business Economics and Forecasting." Before taking this class, I was oblivious to the important role that Business Economics and Forecasting plays in the many aspects of our daily living. I have been enlightened in a way that I never thought was possible, and I will treasure the knowledge that I have gained throughout my career and throughout my life. Thanks to Dr. Arsham, I am a Management Scientist.

  40. Not having had a strong educational background in mathematics coupled with my awareness that I had been out of school (undergraduate) for over 10 years now, upon starting this course I felt somewhat intimidated. I wondered if it would be too difficult for me; or if I would be completely lost in trying to grasp the concepts. Having said that, I will advise you now to take everything one step at a time, do your readings and pay attention, and you will do just fine.

  41. Dr. Arsham has to be one of the most knowledgeable professors in his subject matter. Lucky you because he has put a tremendous amount of care and effort in ensuring your success in this course by providing you with all the resources and references you need to help you learn. Yes the subject matter is probably more thought provoking than your other courses thus far, but that's O.K. Read his Web site. It contains a wealth of thorough information that will help you more clearly grasp the concepts. You will probably read some of the referenced readings and ask, why am I reading this? Read them anyway and you'll see that, by the end of the course, everything ties together. The key is overall understanding and then learning how to apply your new knowledge into your assignments and also into your life.

    The textbook is well written, and helpful. I recommend reading the chapters once for a general overview and then reading them again for further, clearer understanding. The assignments can be time consuming, but once complete, there is an added gratification in knowing you've mastered something new and challenging. As for the lectures with Dr. Arsham, you will enjoy every single one. You will definitely learn a lot in the course that will give you added insight and value.

  42. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting requires discipline, time and energy to fully realize the benefits of the theory in which can be applied to both the work and "real" world. Completion of homework assignments is essential to the understanding of the discipline and for the successful outcome with the exams. Rewards reaped from the class will vary and will depend on the amount of effort put forth. Good luck and enjoy the infectious enthusiasm exhibited by Professor Arsham!

  43. Do not get behind on the homework, and be sure to read Dr. Arsham's web site, which corresponds to the lecture notes. If fact, try to get a good jump and stay ahead on the homework as much as possible. Don't worry about taking many notes in class, just focus on what Dr. Arsham is saying...(be a thinker)! Relax, and enjoy the class. You will find him exceptionally fair, straightforward, and logical. If you are in need for some motivation, you will find it in his class lectures.

  44. This is the most important course you will take in your MBA program. Why? Because the principles of Business Economics and Forecasting apply to all disciplines. Marketing, finance, organizational development, strategic planning, and production - ALL areas require the science of making defendable, rational decisions. Moreover, these initial decisions are always subject to constant review and change -based upon the changing environment. In other words, the decision making process is dynamic.
    In order to successfully utilize the tools of decision-making - one MUST develop and start down the road of mastering the art of critical thinking. This course taught me to think and look at problems and situations from a new perspective. Already, in my professional career, these principles have been applied and have given me new and interesting approaches to professional challenges.
    I would suggest that you do the work and review the web site - it is outstanding. The more professional experience that one has will bring more value and appreciation for the principles and tools discussed and taught in this course. My final thought would be to say that this course is one that will definitely continue when you walk out the door at the end of the semester.

  45. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting turned out to be a lot more than I expected. This was a wonderful course. We learned the concepts involved in making good decisions. Then, we used the WinQSB software to apply those concepts and see first hand how effective the applications of those concepts could be. The lectures along with the homework assignments blended very well to give a complete understanding of Business Economics and Forecasting. I know that I will now be able to make better decisions, and I am pretty sure that whoever completes this course will too. Good Luck, and Have Fun!!

  46. The personal warmth and wisdom of Professional Arsham should not provide you, the student with the feeling of another "cake course". The good feel of class must be left in class as you do the hard work at home. Count on at least six hours per week of computer time to handle the required homework and study…this is a conservative estimate. Take some advice from someone who thought they knew better, and approached the course like he had all others…come to class, juggle time constraints, and delay homework to the last minute. If this is your approach, change it. Do the homework in a timely fashion, and, to get the most out of the course, come to class with specific questions. Only then will you get the thorough understanding you'll need to "Ace" the course. (By the way, I was not an "A" student for this course.) The exams are fair, but not easy. How you do in this course is totally your decision. By the end of it, you'll be more than capable of making that decision. If you heed the advice, you'll have no regrets looking back.

  47. I think this class is a beneficial part of the MBA curriculum. I thought the introduction was crucial, as many students entering UB's program have not had a math course in years, have never taken a statistics course, and most have never heard of Business Decision Making or Business Economics and Forecasting. The structure of the course and the website were indispensable to the learning process. The course's structure integrated the WWW, industry software, an academic book, and lecture material. Dr. Arsham's website tied together all of these tools and gave the student a framework of reference. Most importantly, I thought it was most crucial that we learned how to understand the software's output and the vocabulary of Business Economics and Forecasting because these are what we will need next year when we become part of the professional world. Too many academic institutions seem to loose sight of this important issue, and instead shelter students inside a textbook world, which often leaves them unprepared to handle real world challenges. Professor Arsham's style as a teacher is rather unique and effective. Overall, I feel I benefited and would recommend it to other students.

  48. I truly enjoyed the class Applied Business Economics and Forecasting. I found the subject matter stimulating and Dr. Arsham's lectures very interesting. One of the best pieces of advice I could give to future students is to keep up with the homework and reading. There is a lot of homework in this class, all designed to aid in the understanding of the subject matter, and if you fall behind it is not only hard to keep up, but you also do not gain any knowledge from the lectures.
    Dr. Arsham is a credit to his profession. He takes the time to help all of his students and has put a lot of time in developing the course materials. Most important he loves to share the knowledge he has gained with others.

  49. Now that the class is over, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this class. To be completely honest, at the beginning of the semester, I was not looking forward to applied mgmt. sciences. I didn't exactly know what to expect and what it was all about. I can now honestly say that this class has opened my eyes when it comes to decision-making. I look at all my decisions knowing that there could be more than one answer and that some decisions need more thinking before they are made. I am currently in the law school also and I plan on applying what I have learned from this class to my law studies. I apologize for not going into this class with a positive attitude. Now I understand why former students of Dr. Arsham said that this was one of the best classes they ever had. This wasn't about memorizing facts. This was about really using your mind and seeing a whole new picture and I thank Professor Arsham very much for that.

  50. I really enjoyed this class. The structure of the class was excellent. I found it very helpful having everything we went over in class on the Web as well. This way I didn't have to take notes during Lecture, which enabled me to pay better attention to what we were being taught and comprehend the concepts. The assignments were very important to my success in the class because I was able to take what we went over and apply it to the homework. Dr. Arsham was an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed his teaching style. He made it fun to wake up and come to class at 8:30 Saturday morning. I would gladly take another class taught by Dr. Arsham. Once again, thank you Dr. Arsham for an enjoyable semester.

  51. This Applied Business Economics and Forecasting class assists its students by providing techniques for formulating problems and deriving solutions. It is defined as the science of decision-making. It requires an understanding of mathematical principles. The classes are essentially lectures, where Dr. Arsham presents the material. I refer to the class sessions as strictly lectures because note taking is not required. Dr. Arsham has compiled notes for you on his web site, which is very comprehensive. He often teaches from these notes. The concepts presented are valuable. The home assignments should be completed as they are assigned to assist you in understanding the concepts better. The home assignment portion of his web site should be checked often as he changes it as required. The web site reviews are not valuable in understanding the material, however they provide insight into the diversity of the subject matter. The textbook and associated QSB software is very comprehensive as well. The text does not include step-by-step instructions for using the software but Dr. Arsham covers everything in class and his web notes are available for reinforcement. The tests mimic the home assignments. I enjoyed this course because I see direct implementation of the subject matter in my everyday life. I also enjoyed Dr. Arsham for his displayed commitment to delivering the material effectively, his compassion , and his insight.

  52. THINK. That is the most concise and descriptive word that I can imagine to describe how to approach this course. As with all "grad" students, I felt that I was a pretty decent thinker myself, until I encountered this course. Dr. Arsham assisted us in thinking about things in a whole new light. Many times he described seeing things with new eyes and thinking about beautiful things. I was really confused as to what it was this professor expected to do with us during the semester. Slowly, I understood that sometimes we have to Think outside the "box" to make the best and most informed decisions. A major lesson that I learned was how to back up and support management decisions with factual evidence. Anyone can make a decision, but a good manager makes decisions based on supported facts. This can mean the difference between unemployment and a b-line up the corporate ladder. It's much easier to defend a bad decision if it is based on hard facts. Overall, have a good time in class and above all... DO YOUR HOMEWORK WEEKLY. The homework is designed to help you in the class and trust me; you don't want to be doing it at the last moment. Take care and enjoy class so that you too can "think about beautiful things, that is, the joyful knowledge."

  53. My experience in ECON650 was definitely a worthwhile one. The course covered a narrow breadth of material while going into great depth on the issues covered, assuring if you did the work, you definitely would understand the topic. Heavy work on the same problems led to a quick familiarity with them and made applying new methods to them easier to understand. Dr. Arsham gives students every chance to excel and achieve the highest grades that they can. Understanding of the topics is his main goal, and students who work hard on the assignments will undoubtedly do well in his class. The lessons learned in the class can be easily applied to many business decision students will be faced with and the integration of computer tools from class will aid in these situations.

  54. I would like to say that I found in Dr. Arsham's subject a very interesting perspective and very dynamic. I was completely influenced. The things I learn during the course are important and useful, not only at work, also in private life decisions. I also thought that publishing his material on a Web site is a very fast and comfortable way to distribute it, and a very easy way to get it for the students. It also allows other people to learn about making decisions and I think that is very convenient.

  55. I would like to thank Dr. Arsham for a wonderful class. The most important thing I learned from him was the value of "thinking". Many people take "thinking" for granted by not taking the time to evaluate all options and possible solutions to the problems encountered. I feel as though ECON650 has given me a foundation to use in almost every decision I have had to make since the first day of class. Thank you Dr. Arsham!

  56. ..I found Dr. Arsham's lecture a very interesting perspective and very stimulating. The things I learn during the course are important and useful, not only at work, also in our daily life decisions. Publishing his material on his Web site assists us to learn about making decisions and I think that is very essential. The most important thing I learned from this lecture was "thinking". Dr. Arsham allowed us in thinking about things in a new perspective. Second, I learned that the course can be easily applied to numerous business decision as well as real life. Lastly I figured out, one can make a decision, but an educated one makes decisions based on supported facts. I hereby would like to thank Dr. Arsham for thoughtful semester.

  57. Dr. Arsham's ECON650 class is by far the best class I've been in for my MBA program at UB. While the course has challenging and complex material, Dr. Arsham presents it in a manner to help facilitate our learning experience. Dr. Arsham not only uses theoretical models to illustrate the topics covered in this course, but he also provides useful real-life applications. I found his assignments and examinations to be challenging but very fair. I would highly recommend his course.

  58. On the first day of ECON650, I felt overwhelmed by the mere subject of Applied Business Economics and Forecasting. However, by the second class, Dr. Arsham enlightened the class with different aspects of decision-making and how this process not only affects the business environment, but also our personal lives. This class sharpens management and decision-making skills by presenting interesting case studies and mathematical concepts that can be applied to real life situations. I would highly recommend Dr. Arsham's course to all MBA students!

  59. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting is a course of learning. It teaches you how to learn and how to think about what you learn. Dr. Arsham gives you many perspectives on how to make good informed decisions even when complete information is not available. The course is based on mathematical models used in a decision making process, but is not mathematics at all. It is about interpretation of the model's results and the communication of those results. Communication of the results in a comprehensive matter allows management personnel to make better business decisions. The theories behind these models are also applicable to our personal lives as well. It assists us in making decisions about investments, traveling, medical procedures, starting a business, etc. I found the course to be one of the most useful and informative classes in University of Baltimore's MBA program. Work hard and look beyond just the textbook and what you read. Look inside of yourself as well to see how these models can apply to your life. This will help you to understand the concepts. The light bulb will go off, I promise.

  60. Dear ECON650 Student:
    Dr. Arsham will be the most thought-provoking teacher that you will have at UB. His lectures are filled with concepts and ideas that will challenge you to think outside your realm of consciousness.
    The assignments will keep you challenged throughout the course. As long as you keep up on your work, pay attention and participate during class, I guarantee you will earn a good grade in this course.
    Dr. Arsham's relaxed approach may lull you into thinking that you need not work hard in this course. Don't fall into this trap. The subject matter is very practical and easy to learn, but you must make a Graduate School effort. Don't treat this class as an undergraduate course. If you let yourself fall behind, catching up will be difficult.
    The subject matter is presented as a broad overview of several topics within Business Economics and Forecasting. Do yourself a favor and take your education to the next level by exploring one or more of these topics in-depth. Dr. Arsham presents external websites review on a weekly basis that does in fact explore topics further than needed to pass the class. These websites are your opportunity to get more out the course than is required to pass.
    Good luck and enjoy learning from a teacher that you will wish he taught/teaches all of your courses!

  61. This class forces one to think before acting. It's a good practical class and everybody should at some point in life learn the material taught in this class. Professor Arsham was definitely fair as far as grading goes. His focus is in helping the students learn. One word of advice is that you print the course material from the web page and then use it to take notes in class. Keep up with the homework assignments and you'll do fine. Have a great summer Prof. Arsham.

  62. This is the first course I've taken at UB where I could immediately apply the information presented not only to my work, but also to my personal life. I found the content relevant and stimulating, but not overwhelming. It is refreshing to know that tough decisions can be simplified though proper understanding and computer applications.

  63. I have been in UB’s MBA program for a year now and this class was the one that I have enjoyed the most thus far. Professor Arsham is a wonderful instructor and very understanding when it comes a student juggling school, work, and family. The lectures are structured and very helpful in understanding the course. With the web reviews being a part of your final grade, they make you actually take a look at the sites and more often than not you can brush up on information that you may have forgotten. The CD that comes with the textbook is a great way to be able to check your homework prior to turning it in and allows the student to see how a minute change can affect the outcome of a problem. Now I have a wider scope in understanding the decision making process.

  64. The very first thing that I noticed about Professor Arsham was his zest for life. It literally drips off of him- it is contagious! Clearly, I thought, this is a man who truly understands himself and his world- or his place in the world, and, through his generosity, helps others to understand their place in the world.
    Upon my entrance to this course of study, Applied Business Economics and Forecasting, as a graduate student, to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I mean, really, I've made literally thousands of decisions in the past and, for the most part, think them to be good ones. But it was not until I studied under Professor Arsham that I truly understood how to make decisions - decisions based on scientific reasoning.
    Responsive, respectful and engaging, Professor Arsham possesses the perfect mixture of sensitivity and intellect to inspire students to achieve. The structure and pace of his course allowed students to both learn and enjoy the study of decision science. His enthusiasm for his chosen field is surpassed only by his sincere compassion for the welfare of his students. I speak for all of the students that have studied under Professor Arsham - we appreciate everything that you have given us!!
    In closing, I would just like to say that there is no greater honor than have graduated as a student of Professor Arsham's, to being a colleague of his. He is my friend and my advisor.

  65. Without a doubt, one of the best professors you will ever have at University of Baltimore. Instead of asking you to memorize formulas and chapters in the text, you will actually LEARN the material and how to apply it to real-world situations. Assignments are very helpful in understanding lecture. Dr. Arsham has well through knowledge of material. He is also very helpful, fair, and a true professional. Three pieces of advice: keep up with the homework, utilize the web-board, and enjoy the course!!!

  66. This course covers a lot of valuable material and is really just an entry way into a very large field of study known as Business Economics and Forecasting. This is a very challenging introductory course, which gives an excellent foundation for pursuing this subject in the future. Between the lectures, the web and the textbook there is a lot of information to absorb -- the more time you devote to it, the more you will learn. However, you shouldn't expect to master the topic, just acquire the necessary vocabulary and building blocks to really pursue it if you wish. Professor Arsham is very enthusiastic about the subject and has a very positive view of the student/individual. He advocates that everyone should play an active role in his or her learning and the decisions they make in life. The first half of the course deals with deterministic problems/decisions that don't involve a lot of uncertainty, while the second half deals with more common complex problems/decisions that have a lot of uncertainty. I particularly liked the decision analysis section of the course dealing with payoff matrices and decision trees because these are such powerful tools to deal with complex problems that we all face in private and public life. I believe that learning this material well, will be a real asset to any individual and enable anyone to better manage his or her private and public lives. What's great is that Professor Arsham generously communicates this information and invites you to be a part of this interesting and practical way of viewing decisions. Now that the course is complete, I really feel that I have learned a very valuable set of tools, and am enthusiastic to learn more about the topic because it is so useful. From a very practical sense, it is important to have a fundamental grasp of algebra and graphing, and it also helps to enjoy problem solving. I liked this course very much.

  67. Dr. Arsham's class is probably the one of the most interesting classes that you will take at the University of Baltimore. The class is very well organized and to some degree thanks to Dr. Arsham is web based, in that most of the information you need is right there on Dr. Arsham's web site. In addition, throughout the class, you will find that the one thing that Dr. Arsham does do is make sure you do is learn and understand the "Art" of making good decisions. You will find out that his class is not only applicable to the business environment but what you learn in his class is applicable throughout life. After taking Dr. Arsham's class, you will look at problems/decision making in a new manor that you never had before and the one thing that you should truly learn is to "think". Thanks for an excellent semester.

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