University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Assignment 3:
Simple CGI for form processing

INSS 452/752

  1. Your first task is to design a form for the UB Programing Club (note: this is a fictitious club). Use UB Programming Club as a Heading and Join the Club as a sub-header, add the UB gif to the page, draw a horizontal rule (line) and create input areas (each one in a line) for name, address, e-mail address, username and password. This form would be used to allow students join the club on the Web.

  2. Your second task is to write a CGI (Perl script) which uses the input provided by the form, encrypts the password, and write this info to a members.txt file.
  3. Modify the script using the &MethGet subroutine of to return the form you created if the method is get, or to write to the members.txt file if the method is post. The method will be get if there is a direct link to the URL of the script; the method will be post if you fill in the form and submit it.

  4. Test your CGI in the apache installation you did in assignment 1. The CGI script should be placed in the cgi-bin subdirectory of the Apache server. The form file should go in the htdocs directory (Windows) or html directory (Linux).

  5. When you are done read these instructions on how to submit a copy of the form and CGI script you created as your assignment 3 (A3).

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