Dual-booting between Windows NT, 2000 and XP and Linux.

This is a new version of my tutorial, much simplified, since its original version thanks to the bootpart free software. It assumes that you have Windows XP, or 2000 installed in drive 0 (C:) of your machine and you are going to install Linux in a new blank hard-drive you just added to your machine as drive 1. You can see a similar tutorial at NewsForge.

When you reboot your machine you will see in the XP/2000 boot dialog an entry to boot in Linux. When all is working, be sure to change the properties of boot.ini to read-only.

NOTE: You can also use bootpart to add other operating systems to the boot.ini file. In the above example the following line would add Windows 98 to boot.ini:

bootpart 0 bootsect.f32 Windows 98

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