Installing RedHat Linux as workstation and server

The most important factor in the installation of Linux is having the right hardware, as discussed in the Linux hardware requirements tutorial. The next most important factor is obtaining information about your hardware before you start the installation. The basic installation should take you no more than thirty to forty five minutes if you have the right hardware and information about it.

You can install RedHat from CD-ROM, ftp, http or hard-drive. I suggest that you buy the Red Hat Linux 7.2 boxed version or a book with the CD-ROM included (be sure it is the current version). The RedHat Linux Installation manual comes with the boxed version, but it is also available on-line. Once you obtain the distribution you will have three options to install RedHat: workstation, server or custom.

Note: You can create a boot diskette for RedHat Linux in DOS, Windows 95/98/2000 by using rawrite located in the dosutils directory of the distribution. Place a 1.4K formatted diskette in drive A, locate the directory images in the distribution, and type the following:

cd \path\dosutils

Where path is the path to the distribution in a hard-drive or CD-ROM. Suppose you downloaded the distribution in drive c:\redhat, then dosutils will be at c:\redhat\dosutils and images will be at c:\redhat\images.

Summarizing, I suggest you always do a workstation installation and then adapt it to your needs, unless you are either a Linux expert or just want to run a server.

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