University of Baltimore

Personnel Psychology
APPL 644


 Schedule of dates and assignments - Overview:  

 We will meet Inclass every other week on Odd numbered sessions from 6:30PM to 8:PM

Date Session Meeting  Chapter   Project Due Activity  
25-Jan 1 Inclass 1 Org, Wk, &  App Psyc


1-Feb 2  Remote 9 Job Analysis   Select Job  
8-Feb 3 Inclass 2 Law and HR      
15-Feb  4  Remote 3 People, Decisions, Systems JA report    
22-Feb 5 Inclass 4 Criteria:      
29-Feb 6  Remote 5 Performance Management   PA SPSS*  
7-Mar 7


6 Measuring & Intrepret Ind Diff      
14-Mar 8 Remote 7 Validation & Use of Ind Diff Meas      
21-Mar   Spring break        
28-Mar 9 Inclass 8 Fairness in Decisions PA report    
4-Apr 10  Remote 12 Selection Methods: Part 1      
11-Apr 11 Inclass 13 Selection Methods: Part 2   Sel SPSS*  
18-Apr 12  Remote 14 Decision Making for Selection      
25-Apr 13 Inclass 15 T&D: Design      
2-May 14  Remote 16 T&D Implement and Measure Sel report    
9-May 15


17 Internat'l Dimensions App Psch T&D    

* SPSS data structure due for project

I. Course Description

This course will provide a broad overview of industrial psychology & Industrial psychology. It focuses on measuring the characteristics of people and jobs and maximizing the fit between them through the HR functions (e.g., job analysis, recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, and legal issues).

II. Course Objectives: At the end of the course you should be able to:

III. Class format:

 IV Texts:

V. Course requirements for each student*:

       * Failure to contribute to projects and/or post answers to online chapter questions may result in a grade decrement
     ** Students will work in teams of 3 to complete each of four projects. A team leader will be assigned to each project.       

 Syllabus Resources:

Session / location / Date / Chapters in texts

(1)   Inclass: Jan 25 Chap1 Organizations, Work, &  Applied Psychology

(2)   Remote: Feb 1 Chap 9 Job Analysis

    Decide on Job to use for projects

(3)   Inclass: Feb 8  Chap 2 The Law and Human Resources Management

(4) Remote: Feb 15 Chap 3 People, Decisions, and the Systems Approach

    Job analysis project due

  (5) Inclass: Feb 22  Chap 4: Criteria: Concepts, Measurement, and Evaluation

(6)   Remote: Feb 29   Chap 5 Performance Management

    Determent how to develop Performance Appraisal

(7)   Inclass: Mar 7      Chap  6 Measuring & Interpretation of Individual  Differences

    Performance Appraisal SPSS Data Structure due

 (8)   Remote: Mar 14    Chap 7 Validation & Use of Individual  Differences Measures

Mar 21 **** Spring Break ****   

(9)  Inclass: Mar 28      Chap 8 Fairness in Decisions

    Performance Appraisal Project Report Due

(10) Remote: Apr 4       Chap 12 Selection Methods: Part 1

(11)  Inclass: Apr 11    Chap 13 Selection Methods: Part II

    Selection Procedure SPSS Data structure Due

(12)  Remote: Apr 18      Chap 14 Decision Making for Selection

(13)   Inclass: Apr 25      Chap 15 Training and Development: Consideration in Design

(14)  Remote: May 2    Chap 16 Training and Development: Implementation and the Measurement of Outcomes 

    Selection Procedure Project Report Due

 (15)  Inclass: May 9    Chap 17 International Dimensions of Applied Psychology

    Training & Development Project Report Due