INSS 650 - assignment 3

UB University of Baltimore
Merrick School of Business

Assignment 3: costing a simple LAN


How much would cost to network 20 PCs using two hubs (assume they are in acceptable distance) in terms of NICs, hubs, wiring, etc? Do not include software, but use 10 Base-T Ethernet hardware to do it. Your have four tasks to perform in order to do the assinment:

  1. Do a basic materials list: You will need two hubs, cabling, and NICs.

  2. Look for prices for your configuration and complete the materials list with price, supplier and model. You may use Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site and Alan Dennis Web references for sources of materials and prices. You can also check Insight and PC Connection.

  3. Use a graphical package and create an image of your network. If you never converted an image to the Web you may be interested in reading my tutorial related to Images.

  4. Finally, create a Web page including a description of the network, the materials list (as a table) and the image of the network you created. If you never have done so read my Essential HTML tutorial.

  5. When you are done post the page URL (address) in a message in the Files section of the Forum (A3).

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