University of Baltimore: Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences

Industrial & Organizational Psychology PSYC 320.001 3 credit hours

Fall 2017

Instructor:        Tom Mitchell, Ph.D.
Phone:             (410) 837-5348


            Class meets:    Mondays 2:00- 4:30 PM
            Classroom:      Business Center, Room 307
            Office:             Learning Commons, Room  411
            Office Hours:  Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30- 1:30 PM

Course Catalog Description:
Psychological principles and methods applied to problems commonly encountered in business and industry. Topics include personnel selection and evaluation, training and development, attitudes and motivation, leadership, group dynamics, organizational structure and climate, and job design and working conditions.

Student Learning  Outcomes:

         Discuss theory and empirical research relevant to application of psychology in a work context.

         Demonstrate understanding and utilization of research results to areas such as personnel selection, performance evaluation, motivation, and occupational health.

         Demonstrate critical thinking and writing/presentation skills regarding the psychology of leadership, training, and job analysis. 

         Demonstrate understanding of assessment tools used to select employees and to evaluate their performance in organizations.

         Identify employees’ attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the growth of an organization.

         Demonstrate understanding of organizational structure and climate.

         Discuss their own work experiences and applied issues that relate to the topics at hand.


Texts required:

Muchinsky, P. M. (2016), Psychology Applied to Work. 11th ed. Hypergraphic Press  ISBN: 9780974934525 or 10th edition ISBN: 10: 0578076926

Other readings as assigned:

Web Sources:

Class format: Lecture, class discussions and group problem solving activities.
Attendance policy: Attnedence is not required but will be recorded. Students are expected to be in seated in class before the beginning of class
Course requirements:

1. Demonstration of an understanding of assigned readings;
2. Successful completion of three exams
3. Project: Application of I/O principles and techniques to a job
4. Responses to Chapter Discussion Questions
5. Presentation of Project to class

Grade determination:   Three exams (60%) + Job Report (20%) + Class Participation (20%) = 100%

PSYC 320 Grade Calculator

  Pts %
Total 60 100%
A 50 83%
B 45 75%
C 40 67%
D 35 58%
F <35  

 Lletter grades for final grade A, B+, B, C+, C, F

                     Schedule of Assignments:

Week 1: August 28  Chapter 1 Historical Background of I/O Psychology p 1 Discussion Questions

September 4   ***** Labor Day Holiday ****

Week 2: September 11 Chapter 2 Research Methods in I/O Psychology p 26 Discussion Questions

****** Due: Job for class project: please post to SAKAI the job you propose to study *****

    Difference between I/O and HR Practitioner (TIP, July, 2000 by Lori Foster)  

Kerlinger's definitions

Week 3: September 18  Chapter 3 Criteria: Standards for Decision Making p 59  Discussion Questions

Week 4: September 25 Chapter 4 Predictors: Psychological Assessments p 91        Discussion Questions

            Guide to Validity and Reliability (Hogan Associates)

Week 5: October  2 *** Exam #1 *** Chapters 1-4   

Week 6:  October 9 Chapter 5 Personnel Decisions p 131    Discussion Questions

Week 7:   October 16   Chapter 6 Organizational Learning p 176 Discussion Questions

Week 8:  October 23  Chapter 7 Performance Management  p 207         Discussion Questions

Week 9:   October 30 Chapter 8 Organizations and Organizational Change p 237  Discussion Questions

Week 10: November 6  *** Exam #2 *** (chapters 5-8)

Week 11:  
  November 13  Chapter 9 Teams and Teamwork p 272       Discussion Questions

 ***** Last day to submit optional DRAFT Report for your job project ******

Week 12:  November 20    Chapter 10 Organizational Attitudes and Behavior p 301   Discussion Questions

 Complete the JSS for a job you have had, score it and bring the completed form to class. 
    (use the MS Word version, not the online one) 

Description of several Job Satisfaction Scales

Week 13:  November 27 Chapter 12 Work Motivation p 364 Discussion Questions

       *****Final Report due for Job Project ******  

Week 14:  December 4   Chapter 13 Leadership p 394    Discussion Questions

                                *** Presentation of Job Project ******     

Week 15: December 11       ****Final Exam ******